East side apartments flooded with sewage


INDIANAPOLIS — Heavy pop up weekend thundershowers swamped not only eastside intersections but also flooded and backed up sewers into the Presidio Apartments in the 6200 block of East 11th Street Saturday night.

“It usually floods like this but not this bad,” said Michelle Huckabee as she showed us how the water climbed to at least the second step up from the basement floor. “When I came home the water was to my knees.”

Residents provided us photographs of sewage caked toilets and bathtubs as standing water still cover the floors of their apartments twelve hours after the flooding.

“It’s just feces everywhere,” said Edrena Lollis who arrived to help her cousin recover. “It’s gonna be mildew and it’s gonna be mold everywhere. The clothes are wet, everything’s dirty, are you gonna replace it or you gonna expect everybody to pay for it?”

Duane Robinson said he tried in vain Sunday to reach his apartment manager for help.

“I think we’ve all been collectively texting him since about 12:30 last night,” said Robinson. “Me and my kids thought we were in a good place by finally finding this apartment that was our own and this is how the cookie crumbles sometimes.”

Fox 59 News left a message with the apartment manager seeking assistance for the flooded residents.

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A basement in Presidio Apartments still went with standing water Sunday evening.

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