INDIANAPOLIS — A beloved east side restaurant is back in business after its owner suffered a stroke more than a year ago.

Fast Wok Chinese and Thai Food, located at 10116 E. Washington Street, has seen long lines and plenty of happy customers since reopening this week.

“Yesterday I waited for five hours but decided to go home, so I didn’t get food yesterday. But I heard they were here until 1 a.m. so I’m glad I went home,” said longtime customer Marissa Mattingly.

“I used to live here, but I go to school in Kentucky, and when I heard that they were opening back up, I came in yesterday. The line was so long I couldn’t wait,” said Shaontiae Hudson, who recalled visiting the popular restaurant many times in the past.

Thursday, dozens of cars pulled up to Bungon ‘Mama’ Nettles Fast Wok Chinese and Thai food in hopes of getting some of their favorite dishes.

Mama’s husband of 54 years Gaylon Nettles said the first day that the restaurant was wall-to-wall with hungry customers.

“We have never seen lines like that, and I would walk up and down the lines talking to people, but they come because they care about her,” said Gaylon.

Gaylon said it was a long road to recovery after “Mama” experienced two strokes.

Happy to be back behind the grill, Mama has been serving the community for more than 20 years.

“Ask anybody standing in line; people don’t stand in line; some take 6 or 7 hours to eat. Nobody does that in 30-degree weather,” said Gaylon.

He said they weren’t prepared for the huge swarm of people on reopening day, so they had to close up shop for the day.

“We sold out of food today; we are prepping for Friday at normal time and should be back on schedule again,” said Nettles.

The owners expect even longer lines outside fast wok on Thanksgiving when they provide free food for the community.

The owners said the restaurant will be back open Friday starting at 11 a.m.