Indy east side residents worried about children as drivers continue to speed

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Some Irvington neighbors want to see change in their community. They are tired of people speeding through their neighborhood, and especially fed up with drivers blowing through stop signs.

Brian Ayers lives at the corner of N. Bolton Ave. and Michigan Rd. His security camera catches people speeding through the stop signs around the clock.

“Mostly at night, probably between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.,” Ayers said. “We see people who just don’t even stop.”

Ayers said he is fearful for his fiancé and their dogs. He also worries about the families in the neighborhood.

“There are plenty of kids around,” Ayers said. “We know they don’t always listen to their parents. We know walking out into the street could be dangerous and cause injury, it could cause death.”

Ayers said he and his neighbors hope the city will do something about this problem.

“We’d love to put speed bumps here,” Ayers said. “If people don’t want to stop on their own, then let’s put parameters in place that will make them stop or cause harm to their own vehicles. That teaches them a lesson.”

FOX59 reached out to the city’s department of public works. They said it all begins with filling out a form. You can find that form at

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