East side neightborhood wants city to install sidewalks for safety

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., (March 16, 2016) - An Indianapolis man is hoping to gain support for sidewalks on the city’s east side.

Timmie Smith says his good friend Clifford Hill was hit near 21st Street and North Franklin Road Sunday night.

He was taken to the hospital with severe head injuries.

Smith is concerned because there are no sidewalks in the area more people could get seriously hurt.

He’s organizing a petition to present to the city.

“Your whole body almost has to be reflective over here because somebody will sideswipe you as you can see that line is thin and is the only thing we have to walk down,” said Smith.

Volunteers at a food pantry on the corner also support sidewalks in the area.

The pantry sees 850 people walk through their doors every week, and many of them walk or ride bicycles.

The best way to report the need for sidewalks is to the Mayors Action Center  (MAC) at 327-4622 or through the app, RequestIndy.

This information reaches the DPW Engineering team.

Our engineering team uses this information to conduct a field evaluation and determine a list of topographic challenges located at the site that would need to be addressed to facilitate the installation of new sidewalks.

Some of the normal challenges we encounter are the lack of public right of way available to construct the sidewalk and the need for extensive drainage improvements (roadside ditches that need to be enclosed) to allow us to construct a sidewalk.

The existing locations with adequate public right of way and minimal drainage needs would be a higher priority.

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