East side neighbors angry, confused after beheaded doves and more left in intersection

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A gruesome display in the middle of an east side intersection has neighbors frightened and confused.
On Friday, someone placed two dead, decapitated doves in the road along with a stack of bloody cash, horseshoes, coins, and broken clay pots. The pictures are too graphic for us to show, however, the images have neighbors searching for answers.
“I don’t know if they thought this was funny. It’s really sick. With the money and the feathers flying around, it’s very disturbing,” said Tonya Troutman, who lives nearby. “This is literally the bus stop where IPS picks up our neighborhood kids.”
Indianapolis Animal Control Services came by to pick up the animals up at Stratford Avenue and Bosart Avenue. Now an investigation is underway. IMPD is still working to find answers, but neighbors said they are afraid it’s gang related or possibly some sort of ritual.
“I am a little frightened,” Troutman said. “I’m hoping it’s someone playing some kind of sick prank with a sick sense of humor.”
Local spiritual ministers, like pagan spiritual minister Jan Deferbrache, said this looks like a failed attempt at voodoo or hoodoo. She said it is straight out of Hollywood, and frustrating for people who practice spiritual crafts as she does. Her store, the Magic Candle, is the oldest metaphysical store in the state.

“It makes us look bad because it makes people think that’s what we do, and we don’t do that,” Deferbrache said. “They killed two birds and don’t even know what they are doing. They put money down in the middle of the road. Any idiot can come by and pick that up. But the thing is they took an innocent animal’s life, and that’s not even what [someone practicing] voodoo or the hoodoo aspect would be doing.”

 Upon hearing about the scene, Deferbrache reached out to other spiritual leaders to try and find an answer for what this person may be attempting. They all came to the conclusion it is a false attempt of hoodoo to stop someone’s money growth, so they can have it instead.

“They are scaring people in the neighborhood,” Deferbrache lamented.

Representatives for the city are calling this a criminal investigation. They ask anyone with information to call crime stoppers at 317-262-8477.

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