East side man shot 5 times but won’t cooperate with police

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — When Metro Police Chief Troy Riggs talks about non-fatal shooting victims who won’t help police track down their attackers, he’s likely referring to Jimmy Joiner.

Joiner, 27, has been shot five times since 2011.

Investigators fear at this rate he won’t make his birthday next week.

IMPD is bringing more pressure to bear on shooting victims who won’t talk, “because if someone is shot in our city, there is a greater likelihood that they will get shot again or they have a propensity to kill someone in retaliation,” said Riggs.

Of the approximately 150 people wounded in non-fatal shootings in Indianapolis thus far in 2016, about half refused to talk to police.

“Right now someone can sign a letter saying they don’t want to prosecute and we drop the case,” said Riggs. “We’re still going to work at that case, we’re going to see if there are any other witnesses, we’re going to look at their past, look at any individuals they had relationships with and start working those cases. We don’t want to give up.”

With the addition of four detectives to the Aggravated Assault Unit, Riggs is hopeful that now prosecutors will consider filing criminal charges against victims who were shot while up to no good.

“We believe the reason a lot of people aren’t cooperating with us is because they were involved in some kind of illegal conduct when the shooting occurred,” said Riggs. “Unfortunately, some of these individuals may end up being charged with a crime because they may have been involved in illegal activity when they were shot.”

Jimmy Joiner has been shot literally a handful of times, in the back, in the arm, in the arm and back, walking down a sidewalk, standing in a yard.

Yet he told FOX59 that he still doesn’t know who shot him.

Joiner admitted he had, “a bad track record,” in 100 pages of IMPD reports stretching back to 2005 and acknowledged, “what I’m involved in.”

“Every man is out here for himself,” said Joiner, arguing that cooperation with IMPD detectives would put his family in jeopardy.

“It’s all in God’s control,” he said.

Joiner says he has been targeted unfairly by IMPD and can’t protect himself legally because his criminal record precludes possession of a gun permit.

“Law enforcement can’t save me.”

IMPD flooded the neighborhoods around East 34th Street and Keystone Avenue this past weekend, hoping to forestall any payback that might be associated with a fatal shooting May 15.

Jakoby Scott was gunned down by an alleged gang rival who later wrecked his car running from IMPD and the dead man’s friends.

Donahvon Troutman is being held without bond for the killing.

At about dusk on May 18, four people were shot in an alley near the murder scene in possible retaliation.

While stymied in their initial investigation, officers were able to swarm the area on Saturday to minimize the threat of retaliation as Marion County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a suspect of an unrelated attempted murder earlier in the week and seized a gun.

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