It’s a completely different start to our Wednesday morning compared to Tuesday. We aren’t tracking any rain in the area and temperatures are cooler. While not as warm, Wednesday is going to be a decent day for early January.

A cold front is on the move. It slid through the state this morning dropping temperatures from where they were, in the upper 50s at midnight, to the mid 40s. Fortunately, we won’t be continuing to see a slide in temperatures through the day. We stay rather steady with temperatures in the mid 40s on into the afternoon. However, it will also be breezy with gusts near 25 mph. This will creating a wind chill across the area. Plan on it “feeling” like it’s in the low 40s and upper 30s this afternoon. Skies will brighten briefly late this morning and early afternoon before clouds fill back in.

We keep rather quiet conditions through most of the evening. However, a few pockets of spotty drizzle can’t be ruled out, primarily in our northern counties.

As temperatures drop to the lower 30s early Thursday, there will be a slight concern for a few areas to become slick. Patchy drizzle or light rain will be in the area Thursday morning. As some locations drop to freezing, there could be some freezing rain occurring. The concern for this will be primarily on bridges and overpasses, which cool down much faster. Just use a little extra caution when traveling Thursday morning.

More wet weather comes Thursday afternoon with widely scattered light rain and a wintry mix possible in the area. A few flurries or light snow are possible in the evening too.

Although temperatures won’t be near record highs, like Tuesday, we still stay above average on into the weekend. Average highs this time of year are in the mid 30s. Most days will see high temperatures peaking close to the low and mid 40s.