Driver’s dog survives fiery semi truck crash on I-65 in Johnson County

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (March 9, 2016) – Remarkably, fire officials found a dog alive and well in the wreckage after a fiery crash on I-65 in Johnson County.

Tyrone McKenney, 53, of Quinby, South Carolina, was in a semi truck crash that resulted in an explosion and lots of heavy fire. A Good Samaritan saw the crash and pulled McKenney from the wreckage, but McKenney later succumbed to his injuries at Johnson Memorial Hospital.

After the flames were out, the Needham Community Fire Department was called to the scene to help clean up the wreckage. During the cleanup, officials found McKenney’s dog tucked away in the semi cab. They couldn’t believe that the dog survived the crash and the fire. Graham’s Wrecker Service took a picture of the dog and posted it on their Facebook page.

According to Graham’s Wrecker Service, the dog is being treated at Franklin Animal clinic, and the dog is doing very well.

Initially, we reported that Graham’s Wrecker Service rescued the dog. However, we received additional information that revealed officials from the Needham Community Fire Department found the dog. Members of the fire department are taking care of the dog until she can be returned to the driver’s family.

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