Driver recovering after he says someone tossed cement block off Indianapolis bridge

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Andrew Helton felt in his heart that April 4, 2020, would be the day he took his last breath after being hit by a large piece of cement.

Helton was heading home early Saturday morning after a night of delivering pizzas.

He was driving under the railroad bridge on Madison Avenue when he said a large piece of cement came crashing down.

He said it immediately caused damage to the car and him.

"It hit me right in that hand. It then bounced off, hit my chest and hit my teeth. It knocked me out completely," Helton said.

He remembers waking up and trying to figure what happened, driving a little and then passing out again. Eventually, he woke up and called the police. His wife took him to the hospital.

"What if had hit me in the head? What if it hits the next person in the head? What if the next person is a police officer? What if it’s anybody that has a family?" Helton said.

Helton’s wife, Shelby, said this incident didn’t just injure her husband, it damaged their pocketbooks.

"We’re out of jobs right now because of the situation that’s going on. Now we have to pay for a hospital visit and had to pay to get the car out of impound. It's just this rolling effect of horrible things that have happened," Shelby said.

Andrew doesn’t know who dropped the cement from the bridge.

"He’s not thinking I have a wife, a son and a family that I love," Andrew explained.

He knows they couldn’t be thinking logically.

"I think it's somebody who’s evil and did it on purpose to hurt me or kill me." Andrew said.

He feels blessed to be alive and hopes someone in the area comes forward with information.

"I have forgiveness in my heart. I get it, people are crazy and indecent. I just don’t want it to happen again," Andrew said.

CBS4 did some research and found this has happened before at the same railroad bridge.

In 2017, several vehicles, including an IMPD patrol car, were hit by someone throwing rocks or bricks off the bridge.

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