INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Department of Public Works is prepping for the winter and starting the process of hiring more snow plow truck drivers.

According to INDOT, dozens of new drivers have joined Indy DPW’s ranks this year thanks to a new program funding CDL training for union employees. Mayor Joe Hogsett’s 2024 City-County Budget, approved unanimously by the City-County Council Monday night, allocates additional funding for the program. 

“Allowing Indy DPW employees to get their CDL training paid for by the department is an amazing investment in not just our workforce but our community as a whole,” AFSCME Local #725 President Steven Quick said. “These investments benefit employees, allowing them to develop and progress their careers, as well as help improve the recruitment and retention efforts of AFSCME Local #725 in partnership with DPW.” 

During days of inclement fall weather when crews have been unable to patch potholes or perform outdoor work, supervisors have had them learn their routes and get familiarized with their equipment.

DPW also says they have nearly 80 trucks and more than 19,000  tons of salt on hand, ready to help make roads safer. The crews use a granular product that lowers the freezing point of water on roadways and sticks to streets once distributed.  

More info on open positions can be found  here.