Dozens of people dealing with an extra expense after property is damaged by BB guns in Bartholomew County

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BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY, Ind– Some people in Bartholomew County are adding an extra expense to their holiday bills after someone shot their homes and cars with BB guns.

The Sheriff’s Office says since November they’ve had 12 reports and they’re afraid there will be more.

Sheriff Matt Myers describes these crimes as people simply being mean. He doesn’t understand why someone would go around the county damaging property with BB guns.

“Obviously something is not registering with them when they’re out doing this type of behavior,” Sheriff Matt Myers said.

 The people responsible hit Kyle Purvis’s truck a few weeks ago.

“We just woke up one morning and found out there was a big hole in the back of my husband’s truck window,” Purvis said.

 The repairs cost her $400 to fix.

“I don’ think they’re aware of what happens when they do this and people don’t expect these expenses to come out especially around the holiday time,” Purvis said.

 Sheriff Myers says most of the incidents have happened in Elizabethtown. Mill Street Deli and convenience store was one of the locations that was hit.

“I don’t like it obviously. I was somebody trying to help the community out by opening this up, so they have something nice and now something like this is going on,” Mill Street Deli and convenience store owner Sherry Dettmer said.

Sheriff Myers says some people may call this a petty crime but it’s costing people money. He doesn’t know who specifically is pulling the trigger but says he believes teens are to blame.

“Parents know what your kids are doing and know where your kids are at,” Sheriff Myers said.

Sheriff Myers says it’s going to take the community and the authorities working together to put an end to this mischief.

“It’s very unlikely that we’re going to catch these people in the act but if we have the communities help are chances increases greatly that we get this stopped, “Sheriff Myers said.

BCSO and CPD community policing units are providing extra patrols in these areas. If anyone has any information about the person(s) involved, call the Sheriff’s Office at 812-379-1650 or call their Tip Line to remain anonymous: 812-379-1712.

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