INDIANAPOLIS — Gallery Forty-Two along E Washington St downtown Indianapolis is enjoying a new lease on life thanks to their latest showcase event – Madness! The nationwide feature has brought in the works from 25 world renowned artists, and you can view them for free.

The four-story structure near the heart of downtown which now houses Gallery Forty-Two had sat empty for several years previously. Gallery Forty-Two curators say they hope the marquee event will help keep the building busy and place to on the map once and for all. 

“The city could really use that,” Gallery Forty-Two Director Mary Morgan said. “We could see that there was a spot that there was a desire to have different art from different areas but we always dedicate ourselves to supporting local as well. So we really want people to think of it as a destination down here. When you come to Gallery Forty-Two you can obviously enjoy downtown, but there’s something here for everyone.”

Curators say the showcase is eclectic in the style of street, pop, contemporary and mixed media works – painting and sculptures. Morgan says the best part is not only the fact this art will help revive Indy’s reputation as a growing arts city but also these pieces are all for sale.

“Every piece of artwork here is available for purchase,” Morgan said. “There are collectors, serious collectors in this city and downtown has a lot to offer.”

Indianapolis native William Woodrow helped co-curate the Madness showcase with Morgan. He also has multiple pieces of his own up for sale and showcased at the event. 

“We’re not a passover city for art,” Woodrow said. “You know we actually have legs to stand on here in Indianapolis as far as culture and fine art and collectors and all that and so, bringing them here and making Gallery Forty-Two a destination spot for art is the goal.”

An artist reception event will be held Saturday March 4th from 6 – 10p.m. where you can meet all the artists involved. Tickets for the event are free. 

Madness at Gallery Forty Two opens Wednesday through Friday 11a.m. – 6p.m. or any time by appointment through March 24th.