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MORGAN COUNTY, Ind. – A dog is recovering after being found with a gunshot to the face on a Morgan County road. Now, the Morgan County Humane Society is helping this dog heal and trying to track down the person responsible for his pain.

The group is offering a $1000 reward for information about who shot the dog.

Chopper is a four-year-old Labrador who, for now, calls the shelter home. He is trying to adjust to life without his lower jaw, which was amputated because a bullet went through it.

Earlier this month, someone noticed the injured dog making his way down a road and called the emergency animal control line. An officer found Chopper and rushed him to the vet.

“The jaw had been blown apart,” said Dr. Lisa Lembke, small animal vet for the Monrovia Equine and Small Animal Clinic . “We later determined it had been a gunshot wound.”

Lembke said that based on the scar tissue and the infection, Chopper’s wound was likely three weeks old.

“Without treating the infection and the damage to his lower jaw, he would’ve died,” Lembke said. “He would’ve starved to death.”

Lembke performed surgery on the dog and Chopper is making progress. He is still playful and friendly. But, his life will forever be impacted by the violence someone inflicted upon him. For instance, he will never be able to chew food again.

“We make him a blended mixture of dog food so he’s able to eat that successfully,” said Jacque Kaufman from the Morgan Co. Humane Society.

Kaufman said those who have come in contact with Chopper have quickly grown attached.

“We all love him,” Kaufman said. “He’s a great dog. He didn’t deserve this.”

Their proximity to Chopper’s journey bring urgency to the effort to find the person who shot the dog.

“We’re all pretty upset,” Kaufman said.

They are also focused on finding a permanent home for Chopper.

If you would like to help, contact the Morgan County Humane Society at 765-349-9177.