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Dr. Cindy Seffernick can’t hide her happiness.  In a year, she has lost 70 pounds. After a lifetime of battling weight, this physician with OB/GYN of Indiana  has won the battle of the bulge.

“I’m still not used to my new skin,” says Dr. Seffernick.

After years of yo yo dieting, she came to the realization she had to do something. Knee pain reminded her as well.

“When I turned 45 I started to have a lot of pain, so I had partial knee replacements when I was 46,” says Dr. Seffernick. “And the recovery took a long time. It was painful. Then last January I started having a lot of pain in my right knee and my doctor started talking about total knee replacements and I did not want to do that.”

She heard about a weight loss program from a fellow physician. It’s a low fat, low carb high protein plan that relies on some meal replacements and prepackaged foods.  She was to supplement with lean protein and vegetables. It’s called Ideal Protein and it was devised by a physician. The good news about ideal protein says Dr. Seffernick, is her lack of hunger. But it wasn’t  fun either.

“It wasn’t a fun diet,” says Dr. Seffernick. “There’s not a lot of fun food on the diet. But it was easy to stick to and it was very effective.”

Patients began to notice.  Even her white jackets fit differently. She looked completely different.  She started losing 3-4 pounds a week.

“When people first look at me, not everybody recognizes me. To be honest, I’ve had patients not recognize who I am.”

Dr. Seffernick’s success caught fire.  A number of the staff at OB/GYN of Indiana started on the plan. Patients started asking about ideal protein as well.

“We’ve had every physician, except one, who has been on the diet and everybody has been successful. We’ve had half a dozen staff members go on the program. And I think we’ve all lost about 1,200 pounds.”

This weight loss program does feature one-on-one coaching and a healthier lifestyle education.  Most clients start at about a thousand calories a day. A breakfast may consist of an Ideal Protein apple flavored serving of oatmeal. Lunch might be an ideal protein vegetable chili mix with vegetables and a salad. Dinner would be beef stroganoff with vegetables and lettuce. A dairy snack might be an ideal protein ready to serve caramel flavored pudding. There are three phases to the program.  Each meal is approximately $4.

If you are interested in learning more, a free educational seminar is held on the first and third Wednesday of every month.  You can call 317-872-1415.

The seminar is held at the Fishers office of Obstetricians and Gynecology of Indiana on Southeastern Parkway. You can also go online at