MUNCIE, Ind. — Court documents suggest a disagreement over the timing of a Thanksgiving day gathering played a part in a man getting stabbed with a screwdriver.

Police arrested Charles Harris, 58, after responding to a stabbing at a home on S. Madison Street in Muncie around 2 p.m. on November 24.

Charles Harris
Charles Harris booking photo

Police interviewed the victim, a 58-year-old man, who said he was at Harris’ home less than ten minutes earlier to pick up his wife’s cousin.

The man told police when he went to get the woman, Harris came out of the house yelling and cursing about “rushing” the woman. According to court documents, there was a brief verbal dispute before the victim drove off and took the woman to his nearby home.

Court documents showed Harris drove himself to the victim’s home just minutes later and asked for the woman to come outside, then grabbed her arm and told her they were leaving.

The male victim told the woman she did not have to go anywhere with Harris, which allegedly caused Harris to grow agitated.

The man said he stayed on his porch and told Harris to leave or he would call the cops. Police said Harris walked up to the man with his hands in his pockets and then tackled him.

Harris is then accused of using a screwdriver that was hidden in his pocket to stab the victim several times in the torso and face. The man was able to pin Harris’ arm to the ground as another person grabbed the screwdriver and threw it to the side.

Harris was found by police a short time later on Wolfe Street and arrested for attempted murder.