BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A Bloomington man is facing a felony domestic battery charge after a two-year-old was found with bruises at an apartment Wednesday night.

Court documents indicate the Bloomington Police Department was called to an apartment complex located at 1110 N. Crescent Road, which is the listed address for Union at Crescent Apartments, on Wednesday after being notified by the Monroe County Department of Child Services of a child being present with serious injuries.

The MCDCS became aware of the child’s injuries while conducting a welfare check at the apartment.

Officers arrived at the apartment and found the injured two-year-old in the presence of 18-year-old Antowyne Osborne, the victim’s biological mother and another child.

Upon arrival, officers observed that the injured child’s thighs were severely bruised amid the presence of red marks and scratches, according to court documents.

The woman allegedly told police that the bruising and red marks were the results of a rash, according to court records.

When asked when she first noticed the bruises, the woman said that the child was out to bed around 10 p.m. the previous night. She went on to explain that she changed the child’s diaper after they woke up in the middle of the night around 2 a.m. It was at this time that she said she discovered the bruises.

She reportedly told police that she thought it was a rash at the time and put the child back to bed for school in the morning. The officers allegedly responded by stating that it was clear the marks and bruises were caused by trauma and that a rash was not the original source.

When the officers pressed the woman further on what actually happened, she told them to speak with Osborne while insisting she had done nothing wrong.

The woman then shared that Osborne had allegedly spanked the child after the child had refused to go to bed the night before.

The woman claimed that Osborne then placed the child in another room in the apartment but that the child reportedly kept leaving the room. Antowyne proceeded to allegedly spank the child again at this time, according to court records.

She said she spoke with Osborne who admitted that he spanked the child but was not sure how the scratches had appeared.

Osborne allegedly admitted to officers at the apartment that he had spanked the child three times.

Osborne was placed under arrest and booked into the Monroe County Jail where he was preliminarily charged with battery on a minor resulting in injury, a level 5 felony.