Deputies arrest two women on heroin charges, one faces additional prostitution charges


Jessica McDonald (left) and Patty Batt (right)

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MUNCIE, Ind. — Two women were arrested this week for heroin charges in separate investigations by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department.

Jessica McDonald was arrested Tuesday on federal drug dealing charges, along with possession of a syringe and prostitution. Deputies said she agreed to purchase heroin from a person living in an apartment complex near Westside Park. Undercover deputies tell CBS4 they gave McDonald $100 to purchase the heroin. Then, she offered sexual gratification for another $100.

“She was able to attain some ‘boi’ for the John, which was an undercover deputy,” the undercover deputy said, referring to the heroin.

Deputies said McDonald’s arrest is the latest in a series of prostitution stings for the county. Since the beginning of this year, they’ve arrested more than 50 women for prostitution crimes. Deputies said the problem has gotten out of control and they’ve enlisted the help of the FBI.

“The ladies here that work in Delaware County, they’re basically selling their bodies because they need drugs and it’s a drug habit,” the undercover deputy said. He added, “I think all the girls that we meet want to get off the streets, they just don’t know how or have the resources to get off the streets.”

For many, the drug of choice is heroin, an addiction and epidemic the county has been dealing with for the last few years.

On Thursday, deputies arrested another woman, Patty Batt, for having and selling heroin. Deputies said she tried to hide the drugs in her bra.

Batt is preliminary charged with neglect of a dependent, dealing, and possessing heroin. According to deputies involved in the arrest, she had her 10-year-old son with her in the backseat of the car while she was buying and selling the drugs.

Deputies said this isn’t the first time Batt has brought her child with her to buy and sell drugs.

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