Dept. of Revenue begins new campaign to explain how Hoosier tax dollars are spent


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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) is launching a new campaign to better explain where Hoosier tax dollars are spent.

In collaboration with 12 other state agencies, DOR will be providing answers throughout the 2020 year to show the public how the process works and how money is distributed.

“This campaign is long overdue,” said DOR Commissioner Adam Krupp. “Taxes are complicated; explaining how state agencies utilize these funds to benefit Hoosiers on a personal level is a great way to connect DOR’s core functions to the various state-wide services provided.”

According to DOR, determining where these funds go is a function of the Indiana Legislature, and collected funds are made available to state agencies with the oversight of the State Budget Agency.

DOR said it will highlight an individual state agency each month of 2020 to show how the work each agency does is supported by Indiana tax dollars, such as preparing children for kindergarten, preventing pollution of the state’s waterways and helping homeless veterans.

The participating agencies include:

• Department of Revenue (January)
• Department of Natural Resources (February)
• Family and Social Services Administration (March)
• Department of Environmental Management (April)
• Indiana State Police (May)
• Department of Corrections (June)
• Department of Education (July)
• Indiana School for the Blind (August)
• State Department of Health (September)
• State Library (October)
• Department of Veterans Affairs (November)
• Department of Homeland Security (December)

DOR said Hoosiers can follow the campaign on social media platforms, which can be found by searching @INRevenue on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Individuals can also follow the campaign by subscribing to DOR’s Tax Talk Blog here.

For more information visit DOR’s website here.

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