Central Indiana started the day with patchy dense fog. Radiation fog is a very common type of fog across the Ohio Valley. It is most prevalent during the fall and winter due to shorter days and longer nights. The fog forms overnight as the air near the ground cools and stabilizes. When this cooling causes the air to reach saturation, fog will form. Fog will first form at or near the surface, thickening as the air continues to cool. The layer of fog will also deepen overnight as the air above the initial fog layer also cools. As this air cools, the fog will extend upward. Radiation fog is usually patchy, tends to stay in one place and goes away the next day under the sun’s rays.

Expect patchy dense fog Wednesday morning. With visibility forecast to be below three miles, some schools may go on a two hour delay. Be sure to be extra careful and watch out for kids at the bus stop. The fog will dissipate by mid-morning and Wednesday will be a sunny, mild day with highs in the 80s.

Our sunny streak will continue Thursday and Friday with a slight warm up by Friday afternoon. Enjoy the dry weather this week. A daily chance for rain starts Saturday and extends through Monday. 1-2″ of rain is likely over the three-day span.

After a foggy start Wednesday will be a sunny day.

Temperatures and humidity will be comfortable this week.

After a mainly dry week a daily chance for rain starts this weekend.