Delaware County Sheriff’s Department looks to buy full body scanner to combat drug problem inside jail

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – High security at the Delaware County Jail isn’t stopping inmates, desperate for drugs, from having it smuggled inside. Already this year, there have been 18 drug-related incidents that include several overdoses inside of the jail.

“We have definitely seen a spike in it here recently. We have done some searches in the jail with K-9 units and locked down a few of the blocks and it is always heroin that we find,” said Delaware County Chief Deputy David Spence.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Department is now looking for help to stop the smugglers, asking the county commissioners to invest in new technology.

“I think that our best shot at cutting this is a body scanner,” said Spence.

The full body scanner has a price tag of around $200,000 and is similar to the device used at airport security. The scanner allows the jail staff to see what inmates may be hiding, without having to strip-search them or send them to the hospital for a cavity search.

“The scanner can eliminate heroin, other drugs, and contraband that inmates may be stowing away. This will help find and stop that problem,” said Spence.

The Hamilton and Hancock County jails already use this technology.

“Hamilton County has this in place and they have had it in place for some time. It has been very successful,” said Spence.

The Delaware County Jail believes that their facility would be a success too, if they can get the money to invest in a scanner.

“If we could prosecute it on a regular basis, it would slow down. It would even eliminate it,” said Spence.

Sheriff Ray Dudley says he has been talking to the county commissioners to come up with a plan for the body scanner. Although it has a large price tag, he believes it will be more than worth it.

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