Delaware County sheriff discusses inmate ‘catch and release’


Tyson McCoy

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MUNCIE, Ind. — A well-known drug dealer in Muncie was busted again just a few months after getting out of jail. It’s a cycle some call “catch and release.”

Tyson McCoy is a familiar face to Delaware County Sheriff’s deputies. He was arrested in May of this year on drug dealing charges. He posted a $75,000 bond and quickly got out of jail.

Then, on Thursday, McCoy was arrested again on cocaine dealing charges. His bond was set at $20,000. It was posted and he was released the same day he got out of jail.

“It would be nice to see that after a repeat like this, selling drugs, they would actually keep them in jail and not let them out until they go to trial,” said Sheriff Ray Dudley.

Each case is different when it comes to setting bond amounts. Court employees said generally, a judge will only set a higher bond if they are aware of a criminal history. It’s unclear what happened in this case.

Dudley said he’s concerned nothing will stop criminals like McCoy from selling drugs.

“The problem we have here, is that this one person selling drugs is creating a whole bunch of other crimes, because the people he’s selling drugs to, potentially could be out there doing the armed robberies, doing the home, invasions, doing the car B&E’s,” Dudley said.

While bond amounts are out of the hands of the sheriff’s office, Dudley said he would be supportive of programs to help individuals who continuously sell drugs.

“It’s always about supply and demand. We’re doing a decent job here in Delaware County now of trying to take care the demand side of it,” Sheriff Dudley said. He added, “my guys will continuously go out here and get these people no matter how many times it takes.”

Even though McCoy is already out on bond again, investigators said they are continuing to follow his case and others.

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