Delaware County leads state in number of meth lab busts this year

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DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. (July 28, 2015) - Statistics from Indiana State Police (ISP) show Delaware County has the highest number of meth lab incidents so far this year and the county is on track to break their own record from last year.

In 2104, a total of 148 labs were discovered in Delaware County. So far this year, a total of 118 labs have been found.

Both ISP and city leaders in Muncie say the high statistics aren't necessarily because they have a larger problem than other counties. Mayor Dennis Taylor says a lot of busts are due to community awareness.

“Our community isn’t afraid to make that phone call. They’ll make that phone call to the police department. They’ll make that phone call to 911. We have a tips line," said Taylor.

Police are working with local pharmacies to track people purchasing an excessive amount of pseudoephedrine. Muncie Police Chief Steve Stewart says it's difficult to track everyone down. "One-pot" labs are showing up across the country and in Muncie. They are considered mobile meth labs and suspects often leave them in public places to avoid getting caught.

“That is the challenge. It’s very,very difficult. It’s very resource intensive and it takes a lot of people to handle that situation because it is such a volatile chemical once it’s manufactured," Chief Stewart said.

City leaders in Muncie have been trying to work with state lawmakers to change the regulations when it comes to buying over the counter drugs associated with meth making.

“You have to make it tougher to have access to. It’s not hard to acquire the chemicals and the pieces of the puzzle to put meth together," Taylor said. He added, “until the general assembly is willing to address that and make it more difficult for people to accommodate, it’s going to happen.”

You can look in your neighborhood to see if there has been a meth lab bust on your street, by clicking here.

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