Delaware County farmer finds 20 marijuana plants growing in cornfield

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DELAWARE COUNTY, Ind. -- A Delaware County farmer found much more than just corn growing in his fields.

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office responded to a farm off East Riggin Road Tuesday night after getting a call from the farm owner.

The owner noticed a spot in his field that looked out of place. When he got closer to the spot, near the edge of the road, he noticed marijuana plants were growing right in the middle of his corn.

“They planted them in corn, thinking the corn was going to grow a little bit taller than the marijuana plants did, but they actually outgrew the corn," said Sheriff Ray Dudley.

This isn't the typical marijuana grow season, but Sheriff Dudley said it isn't uncommon to find plants growing in the middle of farmland. In this case, deputies found 20 plants.

"It happens a lot. Usually they do it on the edge of the field, usually closer to the stream so they can do their self watering out there," explained Sheriff Dudley.

These plants were about two feet tall. Deputies believe they have been growing for the past few weeks.

“A lot of times we find them on the corners or the edges of the cornfields, because they want to be able to get the same kind of chemicals that the farmers are planting on their field," Sheriff Dudley said.

The farmer told deputies he does not know who planted the marijuana.

Sheriff Dudley said right now, there's no suspects in this case, but he has a message to anyone trying to grow or sell drugs in his county.

“Public enemy number one to Delaware County is our drug dealers. If you’re doing this type of activity, we’re gonna find out about it.  We’re gonna catch you and you are going to go to jail," Sheriff Dudley said.

The sheriff's department collected and burned the marijuana in an incinerator. They encourage anyone who finds potential marijuana plants to not touch them and wait for the sheriff's department to respond.

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