Decatur Twp. neighbors say big potholes need fixing, yet Indy DPW continues to see service request numbers drop


INDIANAPOLIS — As Indiana continues to open up and more cars hit the road for travel, people may begin to see those pesky potholes again — just not as many as years past.

The Indy Department of Public Works (DPW) has seen a 38% drop in pothole requests this year compared to last. Those numbers come after seeing drops last year as well.

Since the start of the year, crews have filled more than 81,000 potholes in the Indy area. They have also serviced more than 8,300 potholes that came as service requests.

“A lot of that has to do with a lot of work we have been doing over the years to major thoroughfares,” explained Dan Parker, director of Indy DPW. “We have invested over $400 million in streets over the last few years.”

There may still be potholes out there however, and Decatur Township neighbors near I-67 and Heathrow Way have been trying to get two mammoth ones fixed for weeks. Drivers estimate they could be ten inches deep, and they can be seen engulfing the lower portion of semi truck tires.

“I reported it when I first hit it about three weeks ago,” says commuter Drew Henderson. “They are five feet apart from each other. You’re going to hit one, and go into a shock, and then you’re hitting second one. I have a size 11 foot, and when I put my foot in it, it swallows it. I’ve even gotten to the point I may put a cone in the pothole to slow people down.”

Indy DPW is investing $167 million in transportation projects this year. They suggest neighbors look at their construction plans to see if their road is next. If you do have a pothole issue you can contact the mayor’s action line.

“If someone reports it, and you report it again, it doesn’t go in as an extra request,” detailed Parker. “Folks should be specific. Don’t say do all of east 46th Street, give us a segment.”

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