INDIANAPOLIS — An Indy man is dead following an early morning shooting in Crown Hill.

Police are still investigating what led to the shooting in the 3600 block of Illinois.  Multiple cars and homes were hit by the gunfire, which neighbors describe as terrifying.

“I was sound asleep when I heard the gunshots. It sounded like machine guns and shotguns going off. It sounded like a warzone. I’ll put it like that,” said neighbor John Tanner.

When police arrived overnight they found the victim lying next to a still-running car on the sidewalk directly in front of John’s home.

“Anytime a life is taken our hearts go out to the families of these individuals,” said IMPD Captain Kimberly Young.

“When I woke up and heard about the shooting I was shocked because I’ve been walking with OG’s in that area,” said Reverend Charles Harrison.

Reverend Charles Harrison with the Ten Point Coalition says he patrolled the exact stretch of Illinois just six hours before the homicide. He says the neighborhood has had issues with drug dealing for a long time.

“There’s drug trafficking almost on all the streets in that area and you can’t be everywhere all the time and it’s hard to stop and that’s what is so frustrating,” said Harrison.

Police won’t confirm a motive for the shooting.

Sources identified the victim as a 23-year-old man who, according to court records, was charged with drug dealing late last year. He was released on a $100 thousand bond pending trial and lived on the street where he was killed.

His death marks the first homicide in the Crown Hill neighborhood this year. The most recent killing took place 7 months ago in October.

“We really take it personal. We feel like we lost one of our own and that’s how we felt this morning. We lost one last night,” said Harrison.

IMPD says no arrests have been made in the case.

Anyone with information about this incident should contact Detective Larry Craciunoiu at the IMPD Homicide Office at 317.327.3475 or e-mail him at