Dad outraged after daughter endures two-minute pat down by TSA agent

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(January 6, 2016) – A dad in San Diego is outraged over the extent at which TSA agents searched his 10-year-old daughter during the family’s recent trip to North Carolina.

According to KSND, the incident took place on December 30 at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The pat down was spurred after TSA agents found a Capri Sun drink in the girl’s carry-on luggage that exceeded the limit of three-ounces.

Vendela, 10, told KSND, “My dad was making funny faces silly faces in the mirror and I felt like screaming the whole time.”

Vendela’s father, Kevin Payne, recorded the nearly two-minute long pat down, and Payne says all of the extra screening lasted about an hour. He said the agent’s actions were invasive.

Payne told KSND, “Maybe the TSA agents were bad apples, maybe they were undertrained, maybe they need re-training, maybe they did everything by the book. I don’t really know, but it was an uncomfortable situation.”

According to TSA’s website, their screening procedures do include patting down children, but “modified screening procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of a pat-down” for children 12 and under.

“I know it’s to keep everybody on the plane safe, but she kept patting me down. Pat down, pat down. It was like, over and over,” said Vendela.

In a written statement to KSND, TSA said the agent who patted down Vendela “followed approved procedures.”

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