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LAWRENCE, Ind. (January 11, 2016) – Police in Lawrence arrested a man following a hit-and-run that resulted in two crashes and killed an Indianapolis man Monday night.

Police arrested the driver 23-year-old Christopher Spells for killing a man on a bicycle on the Pendleton Pike.

54-year-old Mervin Smith died in the collision.

“It was a horrific crash,” said Lawrence police captain Gary Woodruff.

Captain Woodruff says after hitting the victim, the suspect sped down Franklin Road driving a dark-colored Ford which had been reported stolen weeks ago and slammed into another car.

That’s where police arrested Spells.

Before either crash, police say Spells attacked his girlfriend at a Kroger store and showed signs of intoxication.

Right now, police don’t think the biker did anything to cause the crash.

“Obviously everything’s under investigation, but it appears he was just in the wrong place at wrong time with the wrong person driving,” said Woodruff.

We went to the suspect’s home.

The woman who answered the door identified herself as the mother of the suspect’s battered girlfriend and told me she was still trying to make sense of all that happened.

“It’s bad, really bad, but I can’t really say. I don’t know much. I can’t really say anything,” said the woman. “We’re just finding out so we don’t know any information. We’re just now finding out like maybe 10 minutes ago.”

Surveillance video from a nearby store recorded the deadly collision. The victim was launched at a high rate of speed and died quickly on scene.

“It’s a serious crime. It’s also a human issue. I mean there’s a human that was in need of aid. You would think that would kick in, but sadly it didn’t,” said Woodruff.

Spells faces preliminary charges of leaving the scene of a deadly crash and there could be a lot more charges added on.

His girlfriend and the people in the second car suffered only minor injuries.