CVS begins vaccinations at Central Indiana long-term care facility


GREENWOOD, Ind. — Another step in the fight to suppress the coronavirus. This afternoon, our most vulnerable Hoosiers got their first doses of the Moderna vaccine at long-term care facilities in Central Indiana.

A total of 200 residents and staffers are getting the vaccine at the Aspen Trace Family-First Senior Living facility in Greenwood. They are calling these “doses of hope” and it’s the first step in making a better living for those most at risk.

“There’s no perfection in any place until we get to heaven,” said resident, Dolores Williams.

Monday was another step toward putting COVID-19 and the troubled pandemic behind us.

“This has been a long road for our Hoosiers especially our seniors,” said Aspen Trace, Chief Operating Officer, Gregg Gormal.

Those who are most at risk and are being prioritized for the first doses from Moderna.

“This has been the first sign of hope through this past year. And I can just tell you having CVS on site has brought so many emotions full circle,” said Gormal.

For many of the residents the pandemic has been a challenge. Keeping them from those they love the most.

“I would love to able to hug them and see them close to close. I really would. I miss that,” said Williams.

Which is why she was the second resident to receive the Moderna vaccine.

“I think we owe it to our friends and family to be as safe as we can,” said Williams.

A CVS pharmacist administered her vaccine after asking a series of questions.

“I swore if I didn’t see her do it I wouldn’t have thought she stuck me with anything,” said Williams.

Aspen Trace was required to get consent from families or residents for vaccinations before requesting doses from CVS.

“We are truly as we would like to say helping people on their path to better health and this is going to truly be a living saving event that we are taking part in today,” said CVS Pharmacy District Leader, Jason Pridble.

CVS will return in 28 days for the second doses of the Moderna vaccine. They are working with 1,000 facilities in the state. That makes up about 140,000 employees and residents that they are hoping to vaccinate over the next four weeks.

In the meantime, Williams says she will continue to take the necessary precautions like wearing a mask and being socially distant.

“Almost on a daily basis life changes but be happy. No one can make you happy you have to be happy within yourself,” said Williams.

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