Criminals hit organization that helps children with disabilities

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MOORESVILLE, Ind. (April 3, 2015)- Vandals hit an organization that’s purpose is to help kids with disabilities.

“This facility is special,” explains Ryan Goodwin, President of the League of Miracles board.

The League of Miracles is in the process of building a facility that houses handicap accessible bathrooms and a concession stand.

On Wednesday when construction crews arrived at the Mooresville ball field they quickly realized someone had already been there.

“You just have a real sinking feeling,” explains Goodwin.

Vandals busted in doors and windows and smeared construction glue all over and even poured it into the air conditioning unit.  The league was planning to use the brand new building in a few weeks.

“To think it would be attacked in this way is just really disappointing,” explains Goodwin.

The criminals didn’t steal a thing but left behind a $3,500 mess.

“You think we would almost be protected for those types of things,” explains Goodwin.

Security cameras were part of the building plan but just hadn’t been installed before this happened.

Organizers are putting out an invite to the vandals.

“Either help us clean it up or maybe come out and see a game and  see the excitement on the kids’ faces and understand what they did out here was not excusable. Forgivable but not excusable,” explains Goodwin.

If you know anything that could help Morgan County Sheriff’s Office give them a call.

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