Court docs: Body of missing woman remained buried in Evansville garage for more than a year


Angela Paul

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EVANSVILLE, Ind. – Police arrested three people accused of hiding a woman’s body for more than a year inside an Evansville garage.

Investigators found the body after receiving a tip. They said the suspects had tried to conceal the body, which had been in the home for an “extended amount of time,” according to WEHT.

Police arrested 32-year-old Angela Paul on charges of murder, obstruction of justice, abuse of a corpse and failure to report a dead body. Fifty-six-year-old Gary Anderson and 55-year-old Joan Paul were arrested on charges of obstruction of justice, abuse of a corpse and failure to report a dead body.

The body of Evonne Pullen was found in a detached garage at a home in the 1000 block of N. 3rd Avenue. Police were dispatched to the location for a welfare check just before 10:30 p.m. Sunday. According to court documents, a man being questioned in an unrelated case tipped them off, telling them a body was buried in the garage and naming Angela Paul as the suspect.

Police believe Pullen came to Evansville from Virginia in September 2018. She’d met Angela Paul at a shelter. The woman’s family didn’t hear from her for months and filed a missing person’s report in July 2019. Evansville police investigated but leads were thin, according to court documents. The woman had only been in Evansville for three weeks before she disappeared.

The case remained open until detectives searched the garage at the N. 3rd Avenue home on Monday, Nov. 11. They found a body wrapped in a plastic tarp that had been buried underneath a dirt portion of the garage floor.

Police interviewed Angela Paul, Joan Paul and Gary Anderson, who told them Pullen had lived with them and that her body was buried in the garage. Joan Paul said the woman was killed at the house on Sept. 25, 2018. She recalled hearing Angela Paul–her daughter–yell from another room; Angela Paul said she’d used the spray nozzle from the kitchen sink on Pullen and must have drowned her, according to court documents.

The deceased is mentally challenged and “soiled her clothes often, which infuriated Angela Paul,” according to court documents. Gary Anderson told police the woman had been “naked in the corner of the kitchen” for three days before she was killed. Angela Paul kept her there, Anderson told police, because the woman was soiling the floor. Anderson also stated that Angela Paul “had been hitting and punching” the woman for weeks. Anderson said the woman had bruises and other marks all over her body.

Police discovered that Angela Paul had been getting the woman’s disability checks on a monthly basis but stopped that immediately after the woman’s death, court documents said.

During an interview with police, Angela Paul told a similar story but blamed her mother, Joan Paul, for the woman’s drowning death. Police noted her version of events was the only one that blamed her mother for the woman’s death.

Both Anderson and Angela Paul admitted to burying the woman in the garage. All three moved out of the home on May 1, 2019, and didn’t tell anyone about the body, court documents said. A new tenant moved into the home on May 15; police said there was no evidence that the individual knew about the body.

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