Whitestown officials call for harsher punishment for crimes against police officers

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BOONE COUNTY, Ind. – Whitestown officials are calling on state lawmakers to pass tougher punishments for people who commit crimes against law enforcement officers.

Last week, police in Whitestown reported someone had vandalized several squad cars and a home belonging to a local police officer.

This week, the town council unanimously voted to pass a resolution calling on the state legislature to enhance penalties for anyone who targets a public safety official or their property.

The resolution asks lawmakers to consider two bills that would increase the penalty for battery and criminal recklessness against public safety officials and their relatives…”

Whitestown Police Chief Dennis Anderson said he also wants legislators to take a second look at crimes like vandalism. Right now, the amount of punishment a criminal receives for vandalism depends on how much damage they caused. Anderson wants to get rid of that requirement and have the criminal receive the maximum punishment if the crime involved a police officer.

“When you attack a police agency, you’re attacking the fabric of that community,” said Anderson. “I personally think the enhancements are definitely needed to send that message that this type of behavior is not going to be tolerated not just in this community, but every community across the state.”

Whitestown police are still looking for the vandal responsible for last week’s crime spree. If you have any information, call the department at (317) 769-2677.

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