Vigo County authorities investigate after 8-year-old boy’s sock and hair set on fire


Photo courtesy of WTHI

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VIGO COUNTY, Ind. – An 8-year-old boy’s sock and hair were set on fire during a sleepover in Vigo County, and now authorities are investigating the case.

WTHI spoke with Miranda Roberts, the mother of the victim, and she says the incident happened after midnight on Sunday during a sleepover at a family member’s house.

Roberts said her son was asleep when he woke up in pain and realized his sock and hair were burned. Additionally, she says beer was poured on him.

She believes the person responsible was a friend of a family member who was at the home attending a bonfire.

“I just drove as fast as I could to get there and I was throwing up. And I just remember walking in, and I don’t even know who was in the room, I just went straight to him. And they all started asking me questions, and it was like a whirlwind of I have no idea what is going on,” Roberts told WTHI.

“I mean, I had no idea what’s going on but, I just I couldn’t believe it. Because I didn’t even know they were there, I mean he was at a sleepover. I didn’t even know there were other people there,” Roberts said.

The Vigo County Sheriff’s Office tells us witnesses are being questioned, and the investigation is ongoing.

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