Thief nabs generator from Beech Grove bakery trying to make money amidst pandemic


UPDATE: While the stolen generator remains missing, the kind people at Rhino Shield Indiana saw this story, and contacted New Dey Rising Cafe and Bakery to donate them a new generator. As per the story below, the cafe and bakery had borrowed one from a local band to sell their products at music festival that band was playing at. Before they could get there, it was stolen. The band needs this generator for future gigs.

BEECH GROVE, Ind. — A thief strikes at an opportune time, just as a local bakery tries to take advantage of their own opportunity amidst a pandemic.

New Dey Rising Cafe and Bakery in Beech Grove had been on their way to sell their products at the Livestock Music Festival when the theft occurred on September 18.

Cafe and Bakery owner Dey Dommer was friends with members in one of the bands playing the gig. They loaned her a generator to use to keep her food warm at her vending tent. Dommer stopped at her home in Emerson Heights before heading to the festival. It was there that the thief broke into the bakery’s van while it was parked. He made off with the $1,300 generator along with new signage for their festival tent and other equipment from the bakery.

“It was [one of the band member’s] grandfather’s, and he recently passed away, so it was a sentimental generator. A beautiful royal blue one, like Colts blue,” Dommer said. “We were hoping to go out there, and meet some more business, where over here it was going to be slower days, and not incur this loss before we even get there.”

Neighbors caught a man on surveillance cameras dragging the generator through an alleyway along Bancroft street in Emerson Heights.

The band needs the generator to play other shows moving forward. Dommer hopes to replace it, but her business is already at a financial setback from the pandemic.

“We are just a small business that has been hit very hard, and something like that is, I mean it’s kind of, it’s something we can’t recover from so quickly,” Dommer said.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) is currently investigating and looking for the suspect. If you recognize the person shown in the surveillance video in the story above, IMPD asks that you call 317-262-TIPS.

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