Solving crimes in Muncie with 3D laser technology

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MUNCIE, Ind. -- Fighting crime just got a little easier for officers at the Muncie Police Department.

“It is a scientific measuring device and it captures millions of points of information as it scans. And takes thousands of photographs. so, it turns everything into a 3D image,” said Sgt. Jeff Lacy, Muncie PD.

It’s called the Faro 3D laser scanner. Muncie police are one of the few law enforcement agencies in the state who began using this advanced technology earlier this year.

“Before, we’d actually have to get out our tape measures and coordinate it off and measure it off. It frees up a lot of time with that,” said Sgt. Lacy.

The device takes you inside a crime scene where you can view things from a different perspective and see what you can’t see from a one-dimensional image.

“With this device, we can actually spin it and you can see what was on the ground behind the table. You can see what’s under the table. You can get a view from overhead, underneath, from side to side, whatever view you need to help you look for stuff we may not have caught on a photograph,” said Lacy.

Muncie police used the technology recently in homicides, shootings, fires and car crashes. With car crashes, the scenes can be reconstructed, animated and measure the distance of impact.

“Within a few hours once the scanner is done they can have a rendering where they can actually look at it and it will answer a lot of questions for them,” said Lacy.

Muncie police say this new technology eliminates the old fashioned policing and helps with recall. But what they’re looking forward to the most is the ability to solve crimes faster and more accurately.

“Efficiency for processing crime scenes is going to go up. But also the ability to solve scenes and give jurors and the judges something to look at other than a flat photograph,” said Lacy.

The Delaware county prosecutors office and Muncie police split the cost of $60,000 dollars. They work together on any death or homicide investigations and have access to those renderings.

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