Registered sex offender accused of stripping naked, fondling himself on Indianapolis woman’s porch

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Dana Hannan pleaded guilty to residential entry breaking and entering a dwelling. His charges of public indecency and activity related to obscene performance were dismissed. He was sentenced to a year in prison with 185 days suspended and a 70-day jail credit.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A registered sex offender is back behind bars after court documents say he stripped naked, crept onto a neighbor’s porch and then began fondling himself.

Were it not for live video surveillance, this guy might not have been caught.

The home’s owner, who asked to be only identified as “Emily,” said she installed a video surveillance doorbell about two years ago. She never imagined she’d see something like this, and said the whole incident is a reminder to know who your neighbors are.

According to court documents, that naked man is 59-year-old Dana Hannan, a registered sex offender, convicted of possessing child porn. The video, recorded around 2:30 Tuesday morning, allegedly shows him creeping into the front porch and then pleasuring himself.

“Well I was freaked out,” said Emily, “like I was thinking maybe he went to the wrong house, or what was he doing in my front porch, I was completely disgusted.”

She was out of town, but received an alert from her Ring doorbell security system. Police were called and then she put the video on social media, hoping someone would know the guy.

Dana Hannan

“It was just surprising, because I mean we have petty theft and things that every neighborhood deals with but nothing like that before,” said neighbor Hannah Zelinsky.

Neighbors on Ralston Drive were there Wednesday afternoon when deputies arrested Hannan at his home, just feet from where the alleged crime happened.

“I noticed his car is in the driveway and he’s standing there with handcuffs on,” said Patrick Yurkanin.

Hannan was identified thanks to the video. Emily said she recognized him from the neighborhood, but had no idea about his past.

“I was completely shocked to know…that he was a registered sex offender,” said Emily.

None of the neighbors we spoke to knew that they were living on the same street as a convicted sex offender, which shows why it’s important to check that registry once or twice a year especially if you have children.

Hannan is facing several charges including public indecency.

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