Police: Muncie man arrested for selling undercover officer heroin

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MUNCIE, Ind. – Police in Muncie have arrested a 37-year-old man after he allegedly sold an undercover officer heroin.

According to police documents, Leland Slaven, of Muncie, was arrested on Thursday after an police say they began an investigation into his alleged drug dealing back in November of 2016.

On Nov. 28, an informant working with Muncie police detectives allegedly received a text message from Slaven that said “U need any?”

Two days later, detectives arranged a deal with Slaven at the Family Dollar store located at 2100 S. Madison to allegedly buy $40 worth of heroin.

Police say Leland had an undercover officer drop him off after selling the heroin and police weighed the amount as .1 grams.

On Thursday, detectives conducted another drug investigation into Slaven.

Detectives reportedly had an informant reach out to a known number used by Slaven, and someone replied via text message that it was his girlfriend.

According to documents, the informant asked for heroin and the number replied, later determined to be Slaven, saying “what u looking 4?”

Police set up a drug deal with the informant and Slaven at near Elgin Manor Apartments. Slaven allegedly got in the car with an undercover officer and the informant and bragged about how he could get cheap heroin in Indianapolis.

Detectives say he tried to recruit the undercover officer to drive him to Indianapolis to buy some.

After allegedly selling a gram of heroin to the informant and the undercover officer, police arrested Slaven on charges of dealing a narcotic, possession of a narcotic and reckless possession of a syringe, all felonies.

He was transported to Delaware County Jail.

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