Police make arrest in Indy strip club murders

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The man arrested for a pair of killings in the parking lot of a west side strip club earlier this month had a warrant for violation of his Community Corrections sentence at the time of the murders.

Terrance Warren, 22, is charged with the murders of Charles Reeves, 42, and William Walker, 23, at Club Venus in the 3500 block of West 16th Street early on the morning of May 11.

Walker’s mother said she was told that her son was ambushed on his way into the club.

“The officer told me my son pulled into the lot and was on the phone as if he was looking for somebody,” said Falisha Curlin, “so whoever he was looking for, whoever called him, or they knew what they was going to do to my son.”

Curlin said her son’s cell phones were already missing when she arrived on the scene that morning.

“What was my son ambushed for? And whoever he was on the phone with, what was the reason of you calling my son up there? What was all of it for?”

At the time of the killings, Warren should have been sitting at home.

Last fall, Warren pleaded guilty to charges of gun possession, drug possession and resisting law enforcement and was sentenced to four years of Community Corrections, GPS electronic monitoring and home detention.

Instead, he was charged in March with violation of his sentence and was subject to an arrest warrant.

“If y’all would have kept a better close net on him or better watch on him, my son and Mr. Reeves would be alive,” said Curlin. “Y’all lock people up for simple things like pulling them over without a license when this guy got gun charge, drug possession, he had all this stuff that y’all let him continuously violate, failure to appear in court, all kind of things, and here it is two lives are gone over something that they could’ve snatched up the first time.”

Curlin said her family grew up in Haughville, and it’s quite likely that Warren knew her son.

“We all from the neighborhood, so I’m quite sure we crossed paths. He probably went to school with my son,” she said. “It hurts because I know his mother and father, grandmother and auntie and uncles, I know ‘em all.”

Formal murder charges are yet to be filed.

Warren has a 1 p.m. hearing Tuesday for the Community Corrections violation. He’s being held without bond.

“But his mother can still go downtown and visit him, or still go to a prison and visit him, I don’t get that right at all and it’s not fair,” said Curlin, her voice quavering. “Whatever beef he had going on, you could’ve did something other than gun my baby down.”

Curlin did not spare the criminal justice system her wrath in the wake of William’s murder.

“Y’all do these checks of knocking when these people have to be on Community Corrections, how was he able to slip through three or four times? No.”

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