Police in Hendricks County arrest son of elderly woman for alleged neglect


Mark Kincaid

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HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. – Police in Hendricks County arrested the son of an 80-year-old woman in connection with an elderly abuse case.

Mark Kincaid was taken into custody Thursday night and charged with neglect of a dependent after authorities checked out a Lizton residence on Monday.

Kincaid’s mother was reportedly found half on/half off a mattress in her bedroom, a room which was described as being in deplorable condition.  Audio from a medical run in the case indicated that the woman was severely malnourished and mistreated. She was described as confused and was covered in feces and urine.

She had reportedly been in that position for approximately six weeks, according to police. Kincaid told investigators that his mother fell about six weeks ago and he couldn’t pick her up so he left her where she was.

When asked why Kincaid didn’t call for medical help, he told medics, “You guys are too expensive,” according to a probable cause affidavit filed in the case. When asked when his mother was last showing “normal” behavior, Kincaid said it was “months ago.” He said she’d been talking to him as recently as three days ago.

He’d been feeding her a spoonful of food a day and a drink of water with her medicine, according to court documents. A Pittsboro medic who talked to Kincaid described him as “indifferent” when talking about his mother’s condition.

Kincaid’s mother had “red seeping sores” on her left torso, left arm, back and thighs, court documents said. She was severely dehydrated and in no condition to be interviewed, investigators said.

“You know we’re happy to come help.  If someone has fallen and can’t get up, call 911 and we’ll come help,” said Hendricks county sheriff’s office Capt. Amanda Goings.

Neighbors say they never saw any signs of neglect, but are disgusted by the allegations.

Investigators say anyone who cares for their elderly loved ones should always know to seek help if needed.

“It’s sad to see a case like this because there are resources available.  We encourage people who need help don’t hesitate to call,” said Goings.

When an officer informed Kincaid that he was obtaining for a search warrant to see the conditions inside the home, Kincaid, without being prompted, said the home was in “either bad or not good” condition and admitted that he should have brought his mother in earlier. He also said he was “doing the best he could” to take care of her, court documents said.

Investigators said the home was cluttered and unkempt. They detected a “foul odor” emanating inside the home and said it grew stronger as they approached the room where Kincaid’s mother had been staying.

Kincaid declined an interview at the Sheriff’s Department, saying he wanted to seek counsel from his pastor. During a follow-up interview, Kincaid again refused to provide a statement, saying he was acting on the advice “of a very good friend.” Police then obtained a warrant for his arrest.

Officials say the victim is in critical but stable condition at the hospital.

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