Pennsylvania man accused of stealing $12,000 diamond necklace from Indiana jewelry store


Joseph Lovell

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UPDATE (February 6, 2018) — Joseph Lovell pleaded guilty to theft, unlawful possession of a syringe and being a habitual offender. He was sentenced to 4 years in the Department of Correction.

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. – Police in Shelbyville arrested a man accused of stealing a necklace worth $12,000 from a jewelry store.

According to court documents, Joseph Lovell, 43, Camp Hill, Pa., walked out of Sanders Jewelry with the necklace and then got into a car on a Dec. 28, 2016.

According to an employee, Lovell had asked to see the diamond pendant at the store. Lovell held it up to the light for a better look, turned and then left the store.

The necklace had a 2.06 karat diamond fastened in a four-pronged basket on a gold, 18-inch rope chain, according to court documents.

Officers with the Shelbyville County Sheriff’s Department found Lovell and his vehicle. They sent a photo of him to Shelbyville police; the jewelry store employee positively identified Lovell as the man who’d taken the necklace from the store.

While police found Lovell, they didn’t immediately find the necklace. Officers took him into custody on a felony theft charge and obtained a search warrant for his car. Investigators found the necklace inside an air conditioner vent near the driver’s seat. The search also turned up three syringes and two measuring spoons.

Lovell was also charged with unlawful possession of syringe. In addition, police discovered that Lovell was in possession of an Indiana license plate that didn’t belong to him. The license plate was eventually returned to its rightful owner, police said. Lovell was charged with misdemeanor theft In connection with the missing plate.

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