Police seize over 100 pounds of pot during 2 separate Indiana traffic stops

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PUTNAM COUNTY, Ind. – Two separate traffic stops resulted in over 100 pounds of marijuana being seized and two men being arrested.

The pair of busts took place just hours apart on opposite ends of the state.

One of the drivers was caught along I-70 in Putnam County, while the other was busted more than 100 miles away on I-74 in Dearborn County.

It’s no secret of course that Indiana interstates are a busy pipeline for trafficking illegal drugs.

“Roughly 51 percent of the nation’s traffic passes through Indiana on interstate 70. That’s a lot of potential for drugs to pass going east or west,” said Indiana State Police Sgt. Joe Watts.

Sgt. Watts says on Wednesday, a trooper from the Putnamville Post stopped a driver for speeding on I-70.

In the car’s backseat, the trooper claims to have found a large duffel bag of marijuana along with three more large bags in the trunk.

The bags contained 75 pounds of pot and 300 vials of marijuana oil were also seized.

Troopers arrested the driver, 21-year-old Thomas Lee King, who they say was driving the drugs from Colorado to Ohio.

“It’s not uncommon for drugs, particularly marijuana, to be purchased in Colorado and passed through Indiana to places out east.  That’s exactly what happened yesterday,” said Watts.

Just hours later in Dearborn County, another traffic stop led to the discovery of 33 pounds of marijuana. State police say those drugs had also come from Colorado on their way to Ohio.

Troopers arrested that car’s passenger, Michael Granados.

“Just because you purchase marijuana in Colorado doesn’t make it legal to possess it here in Indiana and these people know that,” said Watts.

State troopers know they only capture a small fraction of the drugs being driven across the state, but they still have a warning for everyone on the road.

“We want people to know when you pass through Indiana and when you’re on 70, we’re going to be looking for you.  If you’re transporting drugs, we’re going to be looking for you,” said Watts.

In all, the value of the drugs seized in both busts totaled more than $500,000.

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