Man arrested for scamming people strikes again, says Madison County homeowner

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MADISON COUNTY, Ind. – A man who was arrested and accused of scamming Edgewood residents out of thousands of dollars is out on bail and homeowners say he’s up to his old habits.

In May, CBS4 reported Todd Jones was in custody. Police said he’d done lawn maintenance and handyman work in the past and may have been preying on the elderly.

In August, police warned people on Facebook that Jones was out on bail and could be seen around town. Police called the notice about Jones a “scam/fraud warning.”

Jerry Allen didn’t know that. The Anderson resident said Jones came knocking on his door a few weeks ago looking for work. Allen said he hired Jones and paid him $900 to cut down a tree in his front yard. He also gave him a $3,000 advance to pave the driveway.

At first, Allen said, everything seemed okay.

“These two guys showed up and started on the tree.”

But those men never finished the job and Jones eventually disappeared.

“They didn’t come back and I never have seen him since,” said Allen. “I feel embarrassed.”

He said his neighbor across the street also hired Jones and has unfinished work as well.

Allen just can’t believe it. Now, he’s hoping his story protects someone else.

“I should’ve realized off the bat because you watch it on TV; see other people being taken $3,000 or $4,000. I don’t know my mind just went blank,” he said. “That’s my hard luck story and I’m embarrassed about it and I hope he doesn’t take anybody else.”

If you feel like Jones has scammed you, call your local authorities and report it.

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