Lawrence neighbors on edge after man shot to death


Scene of shooting

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LAWRENCE, Ind. — A mother watching her daughters learn to ride their two-wheelers in the 8200 block of Harrison Drive wants out of the Lawrence neighborhood.

“It’s time for me to get out of here,” she said. “I have a 5-year-old daughter and her bedroom window’s ten feet away from where this guy was found and it’s not worth it.”

It was at about 11:15 Saturday night when Lawrence police officers discovered a 44-year-old man suffering a fatal gunshot at the backdoor of the home neighbors said he rented.

“I just came home and my neighbors were running up thinking my house got shot up,” said the woman who lived next door to the victim. “When I went across the street to figure out what was going on, a lady told me she heard several gunshots that woke her up out of bed. Then the other neighbor goes running back there and he says, ‘Man down! Man down!’ and all the police started taking off running and they found him lying down there in his backyard shot.”

On a street where witnesses were afraid to give their names, another neighbor recalled what he saw out his front window.

“And there was a loud car sitting down toward the end of my driveway and I peeked out and saw the loud car just sitting there and then I went back to watching TV and heard a couple pops. When I looked out again, I saw a kid jump out and run and jump in the back seat, and the car took off.”

Neighbors later told police they spotted a gray getaway car.

“It was loud and had cloudy, faded headlights,” one witness said.

A lone Lawrence PD detective knocked on doors Sunday afternoon and searched for surveillance cameras that may have captured a glimpse of the fleeing car.

Neighbors recalled the victim as a hardworking man who offered to trim their trees.

“He pretty much came home and minded his own business stayed to himself,” said the woman, “so it’s pretty odd that this happened.”

If there were multiple people in the getaway car, Lawrence police are betting someone has talked about the killing on Harrison Drive.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

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