Johnson County prosecutors announce prison sentence for serial thief


Steven Wagers (booking photo provided by the Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office)

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. — Prosecutors in Johnson County announced a 12-year sentence for a serial thief after a spree of felony thefts from vehicles, drug offenses, and fleeing from police in 2018 and 2019.

According to prosecutors, Steven Wagers, 36, was sentenced Monday for string of car break-in and trespassing incidents.

In addition, Wagers also fled from a treatment facility and was placed on home detention as a condition of bond on his other cases in February of 2019.

“Based on his history and the circumstances Wagers was graciously given an undeserved opportunity to work to rehabilitate himself by the Court, and chose to use that opportunity to engage in same criminal activity which put him in jail in the first place,” said Johnson County Prosecutor Joe Villanueva.

While he was a fugitive, Wagers was arrested again in March of 2019 for stealing a vehicle and fleeing from the police.

Prosecutors said Wagers again bonded out before it could be revoked, and again was arrested with methamphetamine in his possession, also in march of 2019.

According to the prosecutor’s office, Wagers will serve five consecutive two-year terms, plus two years for being a habitual offender at the Indiana Department of Correction.

He was also recommended by the court to participate in drug treatment.

“Steven Wagers is a perfect example of how drug crime and other crime go hand in hand. These neighborhoods will only be safe when people like Wagers are removed from having the ability to re-offend,” Villanueva said.

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