Johnson County couple arrested following bizarre traffic stop

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Mug shots: Dea Thacket (left), Gary Joohnston (right)
Mug shots: Dea Thacket (left), Gary Joohnston (right)

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (August 19, 2015) – A couple in Johnson County was arrested on domestic battery charges after getting into a fight over a cell phone.

According to court documents, police pulled over an SUV in the area of County Road 100E and County Road 775S after and he noticed people moving inside the vehicle and it didn’t stop at a four-way intersection.

When officers approached the car, they noticed a large amount of blood, a large knife and a female bleeding in the back seat.

Officers immediately secured the driver and the passenger in handcuffs and began offering medical treatment to the female.

The male driver was identified as Gary Johnston, 49, of Johnson County. Johnston stated that the female passenger was his fiancée, Dea Thacket, 39, of Johnson County.

Johnston told police he got into an argument with Thacket because she was upset he had her cell phone. He said Thacket stabbed the back of his seat with a knife, but he didn’t want her to get into trouble because he loved her.

Johnston went on to say that’s just how their relationship is, they like to fight. Johnston continue to say “it’s what we do.”

Police spoke with the other male passenger who said Thacket “flipped out” because Johnston had her cell phone, and she hit Johnston in the back of the head several times and stabbed his seat. He said Johnston had enough of Thacket hitting him so he punched her several time causing her to bleed.

When police spoke with Thacket she told them Johnston punched her in the face several times and that made her angry, so she started “slinging her blood around.” Thacket admitted to hitting him and stabbing the back of Johnston’s seat.

Court documents say that as police were speaking with Thacket, Johnston yelled to her. “You still going to marry me?” and Thacket yelled, “F*** yeah I’ll marry you!”

During the investigation, police asked Thacked if she had any illegal substances and she said “Yeah I have some stuff.” She pulled out a clear container from her pants containing a clear rock like substance. She said she didn’t know what it was. Officers told her it looked like methamphetamine, to which she replied, “Doesn’t surprise me.”

Both Thacket and Johnston were transported to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

Johnston is being held in jail on a preliminary charge of domestic battery.

Thacket is being held in jail on preliminary charges of domestic battery and possession of methamphetamine.

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