Indianapolis group says everyone must step up to stop youth violence

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis has seen it’s fair share of shootings and homicides so far this summer.

Some of them have even involved kids and teenagers, both as victims and suspects.

Young Men Inc. says enough is enough, and it’s time to stop talking about the problem and fix it.

The group’s founder, Reverend Malachi Walker, has spent 25 years investing in young men and trying to deter them from a life of violence.

“Lately, I’ve been waking up to a lot of sad and heartbreaking news,” Reverend Walker said.

No matter how you get your news, it’s hard not to notice there’s a serious problem with guns in The Circle City.

“Especially, when a young child has been shot, and mothers are dying holding their child, or you get a young person who shoots down a young brother and sister, we have a serious problem,” Reverend Walker said.

Reverend Walker says a lot of the most violent crimes involve young people.

“Our young people are so fascinated over guns now. They know that guns are easy to get a hold of, and somebody’s not coaching them and letting them know that guns can be dangerous to them and ruin their life and the lives of other people,” Reverend Walker said.

This is where his group Young Men Inc. comes in. They mentor young men to let them know there is hope, and there’s better choices to make in life.

“Mentoring is a very vital and key into continue on that process of raising our boys and teaching them how to make good decisions and choices in life,” Reverend Walker said.

This summer, 90 young men graduated from Young Men Incorporated’s summer camp.

Rev. Walker says he knows these young men will be making the right decisions.

“The City of Indianapolis could rest in knowing that these particular boys we know won’t go out and make some decisions that will hurt someone or bring harm to our city,” Reverend Walker said.

He says for the ones that haven’t been to camp, the city has to work together to help them.

“Lets get to work because our children are dying out on the streets. Our babies are getting shot. This is not the way life is supposed to be,” Reverend Walker said.

Reverend Walker says starting October 1 Young Men Inc. will start their mentoring program. They will talk with young boys to make sure they are doing the right thing.

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