IMPD: Woman shot on city’s southeast side


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) has confirmed a woman was shot on the city’s southeast side Friday night.

IMPD said officers responded to the area of South Arlington and Southeastern Avenue around 8:20 p.m.

Police said an adult female, around 39 year old, sustained one gunshot wound to her body. She is currently in serious but stable condition.

IMPD said a white SUV and another vehicle were engaged in a loud argument in the parking lot at a liquor store, according to a witness.

The witness said a third vehicle approached and allegedly joined the argument and a single pop was heard shortly after.

Police believe the victim exited the white SUV, which caused it to roll forward into the fence line in front of it, and then ran toward the liquor store.

IMPD said there is a person of interest that is not yet in custody.

Detectives are working the case in cooperation with a witness and a nearby homeowner.

Police are also checking a camera positioned on the side of a nearby building.

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