IMPD investigated 20 hit-and-run crashes Monday during snow storm


INDIANAPOLIS — Monday’s snow storm made for dangerous and, in many cases, illegal driving across Indianapolis.

In less than 24 hours Monday, IMPD investigated nearly two dozen hit-and-run crashes.

One crash left a half dozen cars damaged after police say an intoxicated driver smashed into an apartment carport along Allisonville Road and tried leave the scene.

In another case at 19th and Central, police claim a stolen Dodge Charger struck a United States Postal Service mail van. The driver of the stolen car sped away from that scene.

Police say there’s no excuse for that kind of behavior.

“There is no excuse. You wouldn’t want it done to your car, so don’t do it to someone else’s,” said IMPD officer Genae Cook.

According to IMPD’s records, officers responded to 20 hit-and-run crashes throughout the day Monday, with another six on Tuesday morning.

The bottom line: regardless of how slick and dangerous the roads can get, everyone involved in a crash has the legal responsibility to stop.

“It will be a crime if you leave the scene without stopping and exchanging information with the other driver. That has to be consensual,” said Cook.

In addition to the 20 hit-and-run reports, IMPD responded to 145 total crashes on Monday. Of those crashes, 87 resulted in property damage and 20 in injury.

Police insist drivers don’t need to call the police for every accident, especially if both cars are drivable and no one was hurt. But motorists should never speed away from a crash without checking on the other driver.

“If you stop and contact them, you’re not going to get in trouble for it. It’s when you just keep on going that you’ve committed a hit-and-run, and that is a chargeable offense,” said Cook.

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