Former town marshal of Bunker Hill facing multiple charges


Randal Aaron Dague

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BUNKER HILL, Ind. – A former Bunker Hill town marshal, Randal Aaron Dague, was arrested Monday.

The town council fired Dague last December for “conduct unbecoming of an officer.”

Indiana State Police say the 30-year-old is now facing four felony counts of official misconduct, obstruction of justice, forgery, and aiding/inducing the impersonation of a public servant. He’s also being charged with aiding/inducing the unlawful use of a police radio.

Police say they began investigating after receiving information that Dague had allegedly provided false police credentials for an acquaintance. He was also accused of providing the person with a Bunker Hill police badge.

The acquaintance purportedly provided the false credentials when hired as a security guard for an Indianapolis security firm, according to police. As an alleged sworn police officer, police say the acquaintance’s salary was more, per hour, than a non-police officer would have been paid.

Dague is also accused of providing an email, from his office, requesting his acquaintance be allowed to monitor and broadcast on local Indianapolis police radio frequencies when working security.

Police say Dague did not have the authority to hire his acquaintance as a police officer. The acquaintance was not a sworn Bunker Hill deputy marshal.

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