Former Park Tudor coach Kyle Cox released from jail, sent to Volunteers of America while he waits for trial


Kyle Cox

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4 Fast Facts

  • Kyle Cox was arrested by federal authorities February 4 in a child exploitation investigation.
  • Cox is accused of having a sexually explicit relationship with a 15-year-old student.
  • The government made a request to keep Cox in jail until his trial.
  • A federal judge denied the government’s request, and Cox is being transported from a detention facility in Kentucky to Volunteers of America while he waits for his trial.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (February 16, 2016) – A federal judge denied the government’s request to keep former Park Tudor basketball coach Kyle Cox in jail while he waits for his trial.

The motion for revocation of release order came Tuesday. Per the conditions of the order, Cox will be transported to Brandon Hall, a Volunteers of America-Indiana facility located at 511 N. Capitol Ave., where, pending trial, he is to remain on 24-hour-lockdown except for emergencies. This lockdown status is imposed in lieu of electronic monitoring.

Cox will only be allowed to leave for court appearances, attorney visits, or other appointments as pre-approved by the United States Pretrial Services Agency. Cox must be accompanied by someone other than a relative when he leaves the VOA facility.

Cox is not allowed to access the internet or receive phone calls, and he must comply with all other VOA rules while being housed at the facility.

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