Federal judge removes IMPD from wrongful death lawsuit in Dreasjon Reed shooting


INDIANAPOLIS – A federal judge removed the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department as a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit over the deadly shooting of Dreasjon Reed in May.

That’s according to our media partners at the IndyStar.

Reed’s mother, Demetree Wynn, filed the lawsuit in June. It alleges that four IMPD officers, the city of Indianapolis and IMPD violated Reed’s Fourth Amendments rights.

Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson of the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Indiana dismissed the police department from the lawsuit, citing past court rulings that say city agencies are protected from certain lawsuits.

The judge also dismissed Officer Steven Scott from the lawsuit. Scott was the IMPD officer heard making a comment about a closed casket on a livestream from Reed’s Facebook page. Scott made the comments to Officer Dejoure Marquise Mercer, the IMPD officer who shot and killed Reed.

The lawsuit will proceed with allegations of excessive force, wrongful death, battery, and other claims against the city, Mercer, Deputy Chief Kendale Adams and Chief Randal Taylor, the IndyStar reported.

Reed was shot on May 6 after leading police on a chase that he livestreamed on Facebook. The incident started on I-65 near 30th Street, with IMPD pursuing Reed until he stopped his vehicle and got out near West 62nd Street and Michigan Road.

Officers pursued Reed; IMPD said Mercer deployed his Taser but it was ineffective. The department also said Reed exchanged gunfire with the officer; a gun was found with him at the scene.

Reed’s family and attorneys have vehemently disputed IMPD’s account of the shooting and said Reed didn’t fire any shots during the encounter.

The special prosecutor assigned to the case has called a grand jury to investigate the shooting.

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